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Comments (67)

You have to put Birth date - Death date

Don't do it man.c;mon.

Isnt it easier to use a gun and spare yourself all the pain?

brool story cro

I'm not sure if I can thrust this. That's some serious shit. Joking about it ain't cool. Well, this is the internet, it won't be the first time it happened.

Do not do it, that probably happens to a lot of people. Suicide is not the answer. You're just 14, things will change a lot in your future.

Now if you were kidding about all this shit, just to be an attention whore, I will start to hate you.

Post if you're dead plz.

obvious attention whore is obvious.

You couldn't even become a mod

You fail


One less idiot.

Not sure if you are joking or not, though if you are you should know that it's not really humorous (although I can see if I was the one doing the joke it would be pretty funny.)

You should've left something behind... Like spammed the forums with gay porn before you died. Such a shame, though.

And nothing of value was lost.

Yeah, right. After first slice which won't even cause open cut, you will cry with pain. Also i'd recomend toaster in bath, so you can't turn back.

Guys, he didn't even commit suicide.

He was on 5 hours ago.

Stop pretending.

PROOF: <a href="http://i43.tinypic.com/s5bkpf.jpg">http://i43.tinypic.com/s5bkpf.jpg</a>

So i herd you liek being an hero

Consider this:
Suicide is complete disrespect to a person, being yourself. By killing yourself, you pick 'the quick way to get out of the (mostly temporary) bad feelings' over the chance to develop talents in life and contribute in your personal way to the world we live in.

Developing your talents and contributing to society before you die seems much more satisfactory to me then just ending life because you couldn't handle the current situation.

If you did in fact do it, I'm very sorry.

well... i domt even know you but i care... i think i'm way late though... i know the feeling but youll get over it. there are plenty of things to live for but listing them probably wouldnt do any good. oh and stabbing in the stomach doesnt end well. you wont die... youll just pass out

i cant fucking belive this.this isnt a joking matter.have some fucking respect.and now this fucking (kevin bacon day)is fucking this up even worse.I hate you all exept for the serios ones.you all should go to hell and burn forever.

fuck you all.

fuck the internet.

I have a feeling that you're just an attention whore wanting attention because you don't get alot of it.


Don't let the door rape you on the way out.

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