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That's it.

2010-03-26 16:16:29 by evan210

I've tried. I really have. But no matter how hard, I still end up a failure. I have almost no friends. I rarely talk to people. I can't do anything right. Everyone hates me and no one cares about me. My parents don't trust me, and they don't believe I can do anything by myself without some sort of help. Nobody gives a shit about how I feel or what I think. Whenever I think I made a friend, it turns out they were either using me, trying to hurt me, or something else that causes our "friendship" to end quickly, leaving me there with nothing. It happens regardless of how I treat them. But I found a solution. No one can hurt a dead body. Yes, that's right. Suicide. I'm going to slit my wrists, then my throat, and if I'm still alive and able, I'll stab myself in the stomach just to make sure. I've heard it before. "Suicide isn't the only way". Well fuck you, how would you know? In my case it is. We're all different Besides... even if I have a successful life, which I doubt, what's the point of it? We die anyway. Ultimately, nothing will be different. I'll still end up a useless corpse. And honestly, that seems more appealing than being lonely and getting ridiculed every day. Now to those of you very few people that care at all about me, I'm sorry. To the rest, fuck you and go to hell. As soon as I press the send button, I'm picking up the 7" kitchen knife and letting my blood cover the floor.
This is fucking it.



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2010-03-26 20:27:19

Please don't do it.
I don't know if I'm too late, but please, don't do it. For me, at least.
You have been a great friend to me, and I looked foreword to seeing your hilarious posts every day. When you were banned, I was really upset.
If you've done it already, the world just lost a great person.
Man, I don't know what to say. I'm so shocked, that I'm speechless. Dear god, please don't do it.


2010-03-26 21:52:38

You have to put Birth date - Death date


2010-03-26 21:52:45

Don't do it man.c;mon.


2010-03-26 21:53:40

Isnt it easier to use a gun and spare yourself all the pain?


2010-03-26 21:55:11

brool story cro


2010-03-26 21:55:36

I'm not sure if I can thrust this. That's some serious shit. Joking about it ain't cool. Well, this is the internet, it won't be the first time it happened.

Do not do it, that probably happens to a lot of people. Suicide is not the answer. You're just 14, things will change a lot in your future.

Now if you were kidding about all this shit, just to be an attention whore, I will start to hate you.


2010-03-26 22:16:29

Dear god, please ignore those if your still alive. I care about you.
Please don't do this.


2010-03-28 02:57:49

Post if you're dead plz.


2010-03-28 03:39:51

obvious attention whore is obvious.


2010-03-28 04:00:57

You couldn't even become a mod

You fail



2010-03-28 04:37:07

One less idiot.


2010-03-28 06:58:54

Not sure if you are joking or not, though if you are you should know that it's not really humorous (although I can see if I was the one doing the joke it would be pretty funny.)


2010-03-28 07:18:22

You should've left something behind... Like spammed the forums with gay porn before you died. Such a shame, though.


2010-03-28 07:32:02

And nothing of value was lost.


2010-03-28 09:39:56

Yeah, right. After first slice which won't even cause open cut, you will cry with pain. Also i'd recomend toaster in bath, so you can't turn back.


2010-03-28 19:05:10

Guys, he didn't even commit suicide.

He was on 5 hours ago.

Stop pretending.



2010-03-28 19:56:03

So i herd you liek being an hero


2010-03-28 21:28:53

Consider this:
Suicide is complete disrespect to a person, being yourself. By killing yourself, you pick 'the quick way to get out of the (mostly temporary) bad feelings' over the chance to develop talents in life and contribute in your personal way to the world we live in.

Developing your talents and contributing to society before you die seems much more satisfactory to me then just ending life because you couldn't handle the current situation.

If you did in fact do it, I'm very sorry.


2010-03-28 23:01:32

well... i domt even know you but i care... i think i'm way late though... i know the feeling but youll get over it. there are plenty of things to live for but listing them probably wouldnt do any good. oh and stabbing in the stomach doesnt end well. you wont die... youll just pass out


2010-04-01 19:29:16

i cant fucking belive this.this isnt a joking matter.have some fucking respect.and now this fucking (kevin bacon day)is fucking this up even worse.I hate you all exept for the serios all should go to hell and burn forever.

fuck you all.

fuck the internet.


2010-04-04 19:08:24

I have a feeling that you're just an attention whore wanting attention because you don't get alot of it.



2010-04-11 23:43:13

Don't let the door rape you on the way out.


2010-04-12 13:14:47

Seriously don't, I guess I'm a little late but don't do it. Suicide is never the answer, I'll be your friend if you're not dead.


2010-04-12 19:51:23

Oh Stop it you Fag, Your just trying to get soem pitty from people, You are just faking it and this will happen...

1. Make a New Newgrounds account, Start all over
2. Get on way later and say, "lol you fell for it"
3. Get on later cause you cant resist to let down your so called "Fans"
4. Just Get off Newgrounds still alive and join some other website


2010-04-13 16:02:06

So first off. Am I really not your friend? Me, who has known you since first grade?
Second. I'm pretty sure you're still alive, so I'll say this anyway. Are you really that nihilistic? You, of all people? Under the assumption that you're (again) still alive, this means one of two things. One: you didn't have the courage. This is good. It means you're sane. Two: you lied about killing yourself. This is bad. This is not something you lie about. If this is the case, the FRIENDSHIP (See, we had one) that we have had is probably over. This is not a joke. If you want to remain my friend, stop with all the nihilist, none of this matters crap, and get over yourself. Life is good. If you're going to go out, at least do it in style. There are so many better ways of ruining your life than killing yourself.


2010-04-29 21:19:47

how's heaven? have you met livecorpse or regret yet?


2010-06-29 16:57:49

Well, its been a long time since you wrote this. I hope everything is OK now.

If its not, you can contact me if you want.

Best wishes,

IceDragon64 of the Dragons & Spirits


2010-07-08 22:09:59




2010-07-08 22:14:57

... :(


2010-07-14 08:41:28



2010-09-03 18:13:09

If he did it you guys are arseholes.


2010-09-07 12:55:36

i miss you.


2010-09-28 17:10:42

We all miss you.


2010-10-03 04:04:11

You guys know he did it?? You should feel ashamed.

R.I.P Evan Noyes


2010-10-16 14:46:07



2010-10-16 16:35:24

mdf99, links or it didn't happen.


2010-10-16 18:35:22

I think that if this is true then its lol...


2010-10-17 11:27:41

Your name is fucking amazing.


2010-10-17 11:53:45


Oh wait, you actually killed yourself? Oh shit guys this is serious


2010-10-17 14:44:35

the internet is serious business kids


2010-10-19 18:19:38



2010-10-23 13:31:01

i cannot tell how bad it is i feel.
Life is gods greatest gift and to have it taken away is always a tragedy.


2010-10-24 02:23:37

haha I love you.


2010-10-24 07:17:42

I hope to god you didn't/won't commit suicide. I'm pretty sure tons of people care about what you think (maybe not some people on the internet, but still people like family and friends, or just family...I don't know). To answer your question though, suicide isn't the only answer man, the point of having a successful life would be to be remember for something after you die. Tons of people die everyday, yet there are only few that are made note of on someplace like the news. I'm pretty sure most people would want to be remember for doing at least one thing before they die. Don't let you so called "friends" get to you, they're just cruel people. As for your parents, well, they don't sound all to bright to be honest.

So to sum it up, Suicide...Don't do it.


2010-11-19 10:05:55

I'm glad you did it.


2010-11-20 14:49:54

Dude, I don't know who you are, but lots of people care about you. You may not believe me now, but it's true. Wait a year and the world will turn right side up again. I promise you. I know because I've been there. I was once the kid no one liked, everyone avoided, lost and forgotten. I was afraid of death, but I was afraid of life more, afraid of what tomorrow held for me. I prayed every night for the good Lord to kill me in my sleep, for it to be quick and painless. Then, one day, I opend my eyes. I realized my life didn't have to end. I realized it had only just begun. That was three years ago. Now I know what it feels like to be that kid. Now I understand. I wish I got your post earlier, I wish I had been able to help. Your life has also just begun, and I want you to realize that. Now when I see anyone getting treated badly, it brings me back to that day three years ago. The day I thought death was the only option. I was wrong! I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! When I see people being teased, I think of that time in my life when I was treated the same way, and how no one helped me. I realize that I came really close to suacide, and decide that this person needs to know that someone cares. Someone cares about you. I do, and I'm not the only one. Don't do this. Too many people care about you.



2010-12-04 23:41:39

Good night sweet prince. We all miss you.


2010-12-07 21:14:43

First of all, fake.
Second of all your a fucking faggot.


2011-01-21 15:19:51

Oh shit man!


2011-03-18 16:03:22

Rest in peace, son of Newgrounds. Your presence will be missed.